Team D3

Blake Womack
Wine Bubbles
Profession Photo of Blake Womack
Chris Wainner
Food Cart Starburst
Profession Photo of Chris Wainner
Kaya Winn
Art Pie & Map
Profession Photo of Kaya Winn
Stormi Hoebelheinrich
Beer Graph
Profession Photo of Stormi Hoebelheinrich
Alex Lee
Radar Charts
Profession Photo of Alex Lee

Portland's Food Cart Pods

Click a pod to see an expanded view of the carts at that location. Hover over an arc to see the food pod or food cart name.

Current Location

Beer in Portland

What do you think is Portland's most prominent style of beer?

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The Portland Public Art Committee commissions art that engages with the surrounding environment to create, enrich, or reveal a sense of place, and to express the spirit, values, visions and poetry of place that collectively define Portland. The media types of Portland public art is illustrated here.

As mediators between an inner mental world and an outer physical world, maps are fundamental tools helping the human mind make sense of its universe at various scales. More-over, they are undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of human communication. This map of Multnomah County, comprised of smaller neighborhoods outlines, shows the locations of commission funded art installations.

Oregon Wine Grapes

Annual Tons Harvested of each Variety

Oregon Unemployment Rate

Compared with CA, CO, and NY

  • Oregon
  • California
  • Colorado
  • New York

Oregon Income & Race

Annual Household Income by Race

  • White Resident
  • African American Resident
  • Asian American Resident
  • Hispanic Resident